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The air fryer has become the latest must-have gadget for today’s home chef. This countertop appliance promises to produce your favorite restaurant-style foods and more with minimum effort, a fraction of the oil, and less mess than frying at home the old-fashioned way. So How do air fryers work? Here’s what you need to know.

1. What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a device that does not use oil to cook food, using only the heat of the air circulating in the pot.

Frying food with an oil-free fryer helps to limit fat and makes food golden, crispy, and more delicious, providing a nutritious and healthy meal for the whole family. At the same time, you also avoid splashing oil when frying with a pan. 

What Is an Air Fryer?

2. How Does an Air Fryer Work

Air Fryer Work uses the principle of vacuum frying with a heating mechanism (maybe wire), in which the heat source from electricity and combined with a convection cooling fan, circulates quickly throughout the surface of the food? With a homogeneous hot gas medium, instead of oil. Along with the ability to control heat and time in today's new product lines, you will easily complete a dish like a professional chef.

How Does an Air Fryer Work

Specifically with the oil-free fryer product line, currently, most models operate mainly on Rapid Air technology - the oil-free frying technology applied by Philips for the first time and registered copyright worldwide. world. Rapid Air technology also known as RUSH technology was researched and developed by APDS Development in the Netherlands while developing the air fryer.

Rapid Air works on the principle that high heat is circulated with strong intensity. That heat will be distributed over the entire food in the pot from all sides, and this heat can pass through regardless of food from thick pieces of meat to very small food particles.

With this technology, besides fried foods, you can also use it to process other dishes such as drying food and drying fruit. Or used to process grilled dishes such as grilled corn, grilled meat, pies, etc., suitable for the whole family.

In addition, with oil-free frying, you can forget about the worry of unhealthy fats. Moreover, the food still retains its original flavor, is not harsh, does not consume grease, and does not cause burns or difficulty to clean the kitchen…

How Does an Air Fryer Work

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3. Are Air Fryers Healthy?

The oil-free fryer helps the whole family to have delicious, low-fat dishes, without wasting time and effort on cooking.

  • Low-fat dishes

An oil-free fryer can cook food without cooking oil, or use only a very small amount to apply a thin layer to the surface of the food. In addition to reducing costs for the family, fried food without oil is also good for those who are on a diet and lose weight.

According to WebMD (one of the 10 most-read health websites in the US), deep-frying food is healthier than deep-frying because it has fewer calories and less fat. The method of frying without oil also limits other harmful effects of frying oil. For example, frying potatoes or other starchy foods can produce acrylamide, a toxin, air fryers have reduced the amount of acrylamide in French fries. However, with some foods, during frying (whether conventional or oil-free) a "cholesterol oxidation product" (COP) can be formed. The scientists recommend adding fresh parsley, chives, or a mixture of both – herbs that act as antioxidants – to reduce COPs in air-fryer-fried foods.

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

  • Diverse dishes

The air fryer can cook pretty much anything you would normally fry in oil, like chicken, potatoes, cheese sticks, fish, pizza, donuts, fried rice.

In addition to deep-fried dishes, you can use the pot to dry food, dry fruits, toast bread, toast corn... without having to buy an additional oven.

Some air fryers on the market can also process soups, stir-fries, and porridge.

  • Can cook multiple dishes at the same time

Some types of fryers with two-in-one technology, including two separate cooking floors, can process two different dishes at the same time. The upper compartment can be used to fry meat while the lower tray can cook vegetables or anything to eat with the food cooked in the upper tray.

Home parties, birthday parties, year-end parties, Tet parties... indispensable fried food. When time and effort are limited, an air fryer will be a perfect suggestion.

4. How To Clean an Air Fryer

As with any home appliance, we recommend that you consult the owner’s manual for details on how to maintain your air fryer and how to keep it clean and operating smoothly. As a general rule, we recommend cleaning your air fryer after each use to prevent a buildup of grease, food particles, and odors released during the cooking process. Periodic deep cleaning is recommended for more frequent usage. Models that feature dishwasher-safe parts with durable, nonstick coatings make cleanup easier.

How To Clean an Air Fryer

Before attempting to clean it, first, unplug the unit and make sure it’s cooled down completely. When removing food particles or caked-on grease, take care not to scratch or otherwise damage finishes. Once clean, make sure that your air fryer, baskets, racks, and other accessories are rinsed thoroughly and completely dry before using it again. As with any electrical appliance, never submerge the unit in water, and follow all manufacturer guidelines so you don’t void the warranty.

You get a better understanding of oil-free frying technology as well as its working principle, right? Hopefully, you will choose for yourself a product that is satisfactory and suitable for your kitchen!

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