How hot do charcoal grills get? -

Many customers have wondered how hot charcoal grills get. So, in fact, are charcoal grills hot enough to grill food? How hot do charcoal grills get? You will have the answer yourself through the article!

1. What do we need to use for a charcoal grill?

Understand, no one puts a fire directly on coal or wood and waits for it to burn. This way, the charcoal still burns but it takes time as well as fuel from lighters and matches. Or whatever we consider a good catch on this trip.

And to prepare for a charcoal stove that is always burning. There is always a large source of heat when used outdoors, we should have the following preparations. Charcoal or dry firewood can be used with a charcoal grill.

Small knives, hand axes, and any items that can chop firewood, rip the wood to get the small wood fibers in the trunk (what we will know).

Walking around the camping area can find dry materials. Like leaves, small twigs, and fallen pine cones, they are all very flammable things.

And finally, the lighter box, torch lighter to start lighting

In addition, you can use medical cotton and a little alcohol to make a fire when burning coal. The rubbing alcohol on the small cotton pad causes the cotton to have a longer burning time. And enough time for the dry items above to catch fire, burning bigger when starting to use the charcoal grill.

What do we need to use for a charcoal grill?

2. Balance the position of using the outdoor charcoal stove

In way to use the charcoal grill, we always have a charcoal grill. Just as it is possible that the firewood is always burning pink inside. For the charcoal grill to have a safe standing position, it is a basic and minimum requirement when using charcoal stoves - outdoor wood stoves.

A position with a stable surface is good for using the charcoal grill without rocking. Or minimize the need to put your feet, put the stones at the foot of the kitchen. Helps us get a sense of cooking, placing heavy items such as super water. The large water cookers on the stove have the highest stability.

That is the minimum safety requirement in using the charcoal grill that we want to talk about. And also the reason why before going camping, set up camp outdoors. There is always a survey step, that's how the Camping point is.

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Balance the position of using the outdoor charcoal stove

3. Fire on a charcoal grill

In how to use a charcoal grill, this is an extremely important step. Help us use the outdoor charcoal grill in the most effective way. Group the fire, followed by enough heat for the coals to ignite, and always keep a smoldering amount of heat inside.

And to start the kitchen fire or outdoor campfire in general. We are referencing many sources, and different ways to use charcoal grills. We also have specialized support products, optimal for outdoor camping needs.

Fire on a charcoal grill

In many ways to use a charcoal grill, or open fire outdoors. We see hikers always using igniters from flammable materials. Like dry leaves wood chips, and sawdust to light the first sparks.

It's the reason why we have to wander around, looking for dry materials. Like leaves, twigs, and dried pine cones around the camping area. Always helps us to have benefits and advantages worth mentioning when we have to use firewood and charcoal outdoors on journeys like this.

Of course, in a small fire group initially. We should have safety equipment and shields so that the fire can rise faster. When starting to stack the sticks, the bigger coals are inside. It's the beginning of an outdoor bonfire.

In addition, there are also ways to use a charcoal grill, and light a fire using small alcohol-soaked cotton balls. We found in the Australian market, and in the US they sell cotton balls soaked in alcohol. But currently, we do not have any information about this accessory in the country. So we can temporarily use cotton balls, and the accompanying alcohol bottle also helps to ignite faster.

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4. How hot do charcoal grills get

4.1  The burning temperature of coals 

Binchotan white coal from 700 degrees - 900 degrees C

Sawdust charcoal from 600 degrees - 800 degrees C

Coconut shell charcoal from 500 degrees - 700 degrees C

The burning temperature of these smokeless charcoal grills is much higher than that of ordinary black charcoal on the market.

Therefore, the smokeless charcoal fully meets the standards for making bbq grill fuel charcoal.

 How hot do charcoal grills get

4.2 Thermal of smoke coal

The average calorific value of smokeless coals is as follows:

Binchotan white coal: 7500 – 8500 Kcal/kg

Sawdust charcoal: 7000 – 8000 Kcal/kg

Coconut shell charcoal: 5500 – 6500 Kcal/kg

The heat is 1.2 to 1.5 times higher than that of traditional charcoal and charcoal.

With 1kg of smokeless charcoal, you can grill with 1.2 - 1.5 times the amount when using black coal.

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4.3 Characteristics no smoke

High-quality smokeless coals have removed all impurities and volatile substances, so the combustion process does not generate flames.

Looking at clean, smokeless coals, you will judge that this is smoldering coal.

Some customers when grilling pork, skin, skin with large size need flame when grilling. The flame to increase the steam makes the outer skin more golden and crispy, but smokeless charcoal does not meet this criterion.

However, with almost every other grill, smokeless charcoal perfectly meets all the criteria.

Those are quick shares on how hot do charcoal grills get. Notes and ways to help us always have the simplest user experience.

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