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Fried and grilled dishes always have an irresistible attraction for everyone. Today, you will easily satisfy this eating preference with kitchen appliances that serve your cooking needs. However, should you choose to buy an air fryer or oven? This article will show you how is an air fryer different from an oven.

1. What is an air fryer?

Air fryer (also known as Air fryer - Airfyer) is a household electrical product used to make frying-related dishes without using extra oil to cook food. The mechanism of the pot's operation is based on advanced heating technology, heat will circulate the food to help them cook evenly. Thanks to that, the oil-free fryer will help your daily menu more deliciously, and be suitable for families with young children.

What is an air fryer?

2. What is an oven?

The oven is also known as a microwave application device. It is a popular and important tool for modern families. With the function of heating food and defrosting food, saving time for housework becomes easy.

What is an oven?

The principle of operation of a microwave oven is to use electric waves to heat food. The microwave energy from the generator (magnetron) is transmitted along the waveguide to send the wave to the cooking cavity. In the cooking chamber, reflections back and forth between the cooking wall move the liquid molecules.  The movement generates heat that heats the food from the inside.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of air fryers and ovens

Each type of device has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, you should consider when choosing to buy, specifically:

3.1 . Review of air fryer


- Do not use grease while cooking. Thanks to that, you can reduce 80-90% of unnecessary fat and still ensure delicious and nutritious dishes.

- Cleaning the pot is also very simple because the device is equipped with a food rack, and a tray to store excess fat when cooking, and the bottom of the pot is made of non-stick material. So, it only takes 10-20 minutes to have a delicious and nutritious fried dish.

Review of air fryer


- The disadvantage of an oil-free fryer lies in its limited capacity. Therefore, you will have to cut the food into small pieces before putting it in the pot.

- In addition, we will not see the cooking process inside to see if the food is burnt due to the sealed design.

3.2. Oven review


- The oven has a large capacity and is equipped with a dedicated baking tray and skewers, so it can easily bake large foods and cakes at a temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

- Using the oven also helps you to reduce a lot of fat while cooking.

- Moreover, the design of the front door of the oven is usually transparent glass, so the cooking process will be monitored very conveniently.

Oven review


- Along with a large capacity, the minus point of the oven is that it consumes a large amount of power.

- When using ovens you will also need a large space to install them because of their large size.

- The capacity of the oven is also large, so it is not suitable for reheating or defrosting food, so you must also be careful so that the food does not burn.

4. What can air fryers, ovens, and microwaves cook? 

Each type of device will have its structure and function to cook different dishes such as:

- The air fryer is suitable for grilling chicken, fried meat or vegetables to a healthy standard with little or no use of fat. If you want to enjoy sweet and sour ribs, pork, or roast beef steak, just set the heat and cooking time accordingly. Small pizzas and cakes can also be cooked in the air fryer. However, you should also balance the amount of food just right so as not to encounter a situation of burning outside but still alive inside.

- The oven has a large capacity and capacity, so it can cook dishes that require high heat for a long time. For example cake, bread, a large pizza, whole roast chicken/fish, or large chunks of meat… As long as the oven fits the oven and sets the appropriate mode, the food will be grilled deliciously. Fried foods can still cook in the oven, but they won't be as succulent and crunchy as cooking in an oil pan.

5. Should you choose an air fryer, oven, or microwave?

Depending on the purpose of use, your needs, and the amount of money you can spend, there will be suitable product lines.

For families who only occasionally eat fried food and want to reduce fat, an air fryer will be the first choice. The oven will be suitable for families or business households who want to cook cakes, bread, chicken, and beef in large quantities. 

Meanwhile, microwave ovens are essential for every home when they want to defrost and reheat food. 

But if you compare the ability to bake food, you should still consider choosing the above two lines of equipment.

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