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Black aluminum pots are caused by the cooking process. But you can completely dislodge these stains with ingredients available in the kitchen. Black burnt aluminum pot is a condition we may encounter in the cooking process. Please apply the following ways to handle this situation. With easy-to-find ingredients, you will be surprised that the aluminum pans can be as clean and white as the original. This article shows you how to clean aluminum pans.

Top 7 ways to clean aluminum pans

1. How to clean aluminum pans with lemon

 Lemon was known as a material with excellent cleaning ability.

The acid in the lemon helps us remove black stains in aluminum pots effectively.

  • You just need to cut the lemon into thin slices and stack them on top of the black pot. 

  • Then, add enough water to the pot and bring it to a boil. 

  • When the pot of water is boiling, turn the heat to low, use a spoon to press the lemon, and rub it hard on the black spot in the pot. 

  • When the dirty black stain has disappeared, you pour the water away and perform the cleaning as usual.

How to clean aluminum pans with lemon

2. How to clean aluminum pans with vinegar

Vinegar is a familiar ingredient. It is always available in the kitchens of families. So, it is not difficult,  you follow the way to clean the black aluminum pot with vinegar.

  • With vinegar, you will add about 3-5 tablespoons or more depending on the capacity of the pot. 

  • Then add half a pot of water, put on the stove and open the lid, boil for 30 minutes. 

  • When you cook, the burnt, black spots in the pot will automatically come off.

Moreover,  the smell of food in the pot will be eliminated.

How to clean aluminum pans with vinegar

3. How to clean aluminum pans with baking soda

You can easily find baking soda at any drugstore in the market. How to clean black stains in aluminum pots with baking soda is probably also quite popular. However, it will take you from 3 to 8 hours to soak the pot. 

  • Depending on the black level and capacity of the pot, you can use the appropriate amount of baking soda. 

  • Soak baking soda with water in a black aluminum pot for about 30 minutes.

Then, you pour this dirty water away and clean it with clean water.

4. How to clean aluminum pans with salt

Table salt is also a material capable of cleaning black aluminum pots very well. 

  • You just need to sprinkle a layer of burnt salt, along with a little vinegar into the pot. 

  • After that, soak it in the pot for about 15 minutes, then pour it out and clean it with water. 

  • This mixture will help the black spots in your aluminum pot be effectively blown away.

5. How to clean aluminum pans with grapefruit peel

Instead of using specialized cleaning products, you can also use grapefruit peel to clean black stains in aluminum pots. 

  • You just need to take the peel of the grapefruit and then rub it on the black spot in the pot. 

  • You do it continuously for 3-5 minutes to clean the stain completely. 

This way also helps protect your hands safely.

6. How to clean aluminum pans with apple peel

If your aluminum pot is black or burnt, using apple peel is a great option. It's very simple. 

  • You just need to take the apple peel and put it in the pot. 

  • Then add a sufficient amount of water and bring to a simmer. 

  • After about 5-10 minutes, the black stains in your pot will be removed.

How to clean aluminum pans with apple peel

 7. How to clean aluminum pans with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Only vinegar and baking soda alone will clean the black burnt spots on the pot. Combining the two will bring "double destructive power" to stubborn burns or badly burned pots.

  • You put about 200 - 250ml of filtered water and white vinegar in a ratio of 1:1 into the pot, bring the mixture to a boil, and turn off the stove. 

  • Then add to the pot about 2 tablespoons of baking soda, stir to dissolve, and soak for about 15 - 30 minutes, then discard the mixture.

  • Finally, use a pot scrub to peel off the burnt layers, and rinse with dishwashing liquid to have a shiny pot again!

Some tips when using and storing aluminum pans to avoid blackening

How to clean Aluminum Pans?

  • Do not scrub the aluminum pot with a brush that is too sharp

  • Do not stay the aluminum pot on the stove for too long

  • Do not contain acidic substances in aluminum pots

  • Do not boil water in a new aluminum pot

This article showed you how to clean aluminum pans which are the simplest and most effective to whiten burnt aluminum pots. Try to apply it to help the aluminum pots and pans in your kitchen be white and clean!

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